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Hightened experience

By transporting the analogue experience of going into shops into the digital 3D-world, the customer is able to go shopping from almost any location. According to a study, 75% of users like 3D-shopping more than 2D, as it causes a “WOW-effect”. The products on display are presented live and optimized through features such as AI body measurements or size recommendation AI solution in clothes shops. This further builds up connections between the digital and the analogue experience.

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Increased turnover

Giving the customers the opportunity to shop in a 3D-simulated digital shop has proven to increase their interaction on the internet by up to 300%. The increased interaction also enables increased bookings and checkout conversion by up to 14%. In order to have an overview over customers time spent in shops, CUUUB ®  incorporates tools such as sensor solutions and real-time analysis of where the customers spend their time most in the 3D world. Features such as Live-Chat, Typefinder and the incorporated Call to Actions develop a stronger bond between salesman and customer, also increasing the final turnover.

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Gamification at Deutsches Museum, Munich

What customers are saying about CUUUB

"With CUUUB we realized an interactive virtual tour through the Deutsches Museum. The professional 3D point cloud enables a variety of innovative features such as the integration of 3D objects, animations and gamification."

Georg Hohmann
Head of Department Deutsches Museum Digital

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